Taking Marketing More Seriously
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Taking Marketing More Seriously

After dealing with lagging sales for over five years, it occurred to me that we needed to do something to improve the visibility of our business. We started focusing carefully on marketing, including making our web presence more prominent. We analyzed our demographics, and we worked with a marketing company to make our online content more relevant. The difference was amazing. Within about six months, our company was enjoying a higher customer count and more online traffic. The purpose of this blog is to help you to see how important marketing is, and why every business owner should invest in marketing materials and services.


Taking Marketing More Seriously

  • Are You A Professional CPA? Why You Should Start Sending Newsletters To Clients Via Email

    23 February 2019

    If you currently work as a CPA, you should focus on staying in touch with your clientele by sending out newsletters via email. These newsletters can include important accounting and financial information that these individuals may find useful. Having people subscribe to your newsletter and receive a message from you at least once a week is a great way to market yourself and the various services that you provide. However, if you are not sure how to run a successful email marketing campaign, you should find a CPA email newsletter provider.

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Strategic Communications Pro

    23 January 2019

    Are you having trouble growing your business or getting your message out? If so, it might be a time to look at your current strategy when it comes to public relations and marketing. If you don't have anyone within your company who can fit this role, that's OK. Reaching out to an external company that offers strategic communications support could be just what your business needs to reach the next level.

  • 3 Tips For Small Businesses To Stand Out On Social Media

    15 August 2018

    There was a time when marketing was as simple as buying an ad in the newspaper or even on the radio. Those days are long gone. Today as a small business owner, you have a wide range of avenues through which to reach new customers. Perhaps one of the most effective is social media, because it has such a massive audience that can be leveraged at little cost. Of course, social media can be complicated and a bit overwhelming, especially if you're not experienced.

  • 3 Reasons To Go With A Local Company For Your Marketing

    14 April 2018

    If your business is growing, you are likely looking for additional ways to keep the ball rolling and attract new clients. One obvious way to do this is to increase your advertising and marketing budget, but you shouldn't just give your money to the first firm you see. For best results, a local business should go with a company that offers equally local marketing services to take full advantage of your surrounding community.

  • Things You Should Know About Political Phone Banking

    23 January 2018

    Running a political campaign can be a very demanding task that will require the support of an entire team of people to successfully complete. To this end, political phone banking can be an extremely important part of the campaign's strategy. Yet, those that are really new to this field may not be very informed when it comes to using these services. What Is The Advantage Of Using Phone Banking For A Political Campaign?